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Eragon 2-Disc SE

For centuries the land of Alagaesia had lived in peace and was protected by Dragon Riders until one of them, Galbatorix, betrayed and killed them all to take power over the country. The inhabitants are now enslaved and only a couple of rebels are defying Galbatroxi’ reign of terror. Eragon is a poor farm boy who one day sees a blue stone appear near him out of nowhere. When he takes it home, it becomes clear that it’s a dragon egg and when it hatches, the dragon called Saphira, picks Eragon as his new rider. However, what Eragon doesn’t know is that Galbatorix knows that the egg has come out and he order his dark wizard to kill Eragon before he can become a full-grown Dragon Rider. Eragon has no choice but to start a dangerous journey towards the rebel base…

Sound and Vision:
As we’re used from recent releases, the image is pretty good with decent contrast, good amount of detail and sharp picture. Compression errors weren’t spotted.

The soundtrack is quite impressive with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer while dialogues remain crystal clear at all times.

– Deleted Scenes
– Carvahall: Inside the trilogy “The Heritage”: The magic of Eragon
– Daret: Bringing to life the inhabitants of Alagaësia
– Interview with writer Christopher Paolini
– The Spine: Vision of Eragon
– The Desert of Hadarac: animation of Saphira
– Farthen Dûr: the secrets of Alagaësia
– Storyboards

Quite a lot of interesting extras that give a good idea of the production.

Eragon is a movie that especially kids will like. Everything is present from dragons over wizards to heroes and foes. The only downpoint is that the script could have used a bit more depth which makes it a bit too childish for adults. We’ll probably get a sequel pretty soon and I’ll look forward to it as although the movie is a bit simplistic it’s still very enjoyable. On the technical side as well as extras there’s nothing to complain

Our Score:

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