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Euro 2000

You know what the coolest thing about sports games from Electronic Arts is? No? Whell, its the big juicy EEE-AAA SPOOORTSS, IT’S In THE GAAAME!!! you get in the intro of each new title.
And there was no diffrence with this one, clean nice intro (screenshot) and a nice spicy soundtrack.

But what is there really to say about Euro 2000? Can EA keep making better episodes each year? Isn’t this one a bit too soon behind Fifa 2k?
One thing is sure, where Fifa2k failed to improve the awesome fifa 99, euro 2000 succeeds: the names are correct and the gameplay is faster.

It would be really stupid to say what options this game has and how it feels, cause it feels pretty much the same as all the other years, so Im gonna give you all the things i think improved for the best.
First of all, the names are, like a said, up to date, but there is another really cool feature: name tags om the back of the shirts (oooh yeah, now i can see who’s ass i’m whooping).

When u put the game speed on slowest Euro 2000 has the feeling of a 90 years old couple having sex on the kitchen table (yuck), but with speed on fast, this game just owns on the realism part: players dodging tackles, pushing each other and pulling a sprint for the ball. The ball has the right speed and makes lovely curves (yep i’m a nerd:).
There is only one thing that sucks: the corners. In all the other editions, you took a corner with a behind view of the player taking the corner, now u have a side view and that stinks (but hey, we wouldn’t want a game to be perfect, how would we make a successor for next year? 🙂

The comments from the annotators (those 2 little assholes who sit safely in there box when the players have to face snow and rain) are accurate. You don’t get shit like “ooooh that long ball was nicely intercepted” when u score a goal 🙂
Other sound FX are impressive, with my eax surround (muhahahahahahahaaaaaa), i just got blown away: the ball makes a really bally noise (what else?), the crowd chears, the annotators nag (what do you want more?)

The graphs are again improved. I’m not gonna give you all the details but one example will do fine: “Belgium 0 – 0 Netherlands (I’m a belgian and I hate dutch people :), last five minutes, I feel the victory and the cup, so I decide to put in my supersub. His first ballcontact, he gets a long ball, controles it with his chest (no this isn’t a porn story), goes past one defender, two, three, the goalkeeper comes out, I see the opening, start hammering on my gamepad, the ball slides through the wide open legs of the goalkeeper. It’s there!!!!!!, he watches the ball hit the nets and then dives to the grass with his nice white shirt, stands up and its coverd with dirt. We all know that the fifa series has state of the art graphs, but these details show this game just plain rocks.

Euro 2000 is a great game and definitly better then Fifa 2k, but buying a new game every year for so little changes?

If you already own fifa 99, i’ld wait for fifa 2001, if u don’t own fifa 99, what are u still doing here reading this review?

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