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After his graduation, it looks like Scott Thomas is going to have a great time until his girlfriend Fiona breaks up with him as he’s too predictable. He doesn’t want to be affected by the breakup too much so decides to go to a graduation party together with his best friend Cooper. Unfortunately, Fiona is there aswell and to make things even worse, she’s hanging out with the singer of a rock band who happens to have made a song about his relationship with her while she was still with Scott and even starts performing his song at the party.

Scott goes back home and finds some comfort in emailing with his internet friend Mike from Germany. However, Cooper warns Scott that he should watch out with “internet friends” as there are a lot of perverts out there and when Scott (who’s drunk) gets an email that Mike wants to come to the US, he sends an email that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mike’s pervert ideas. The next morning Scott finds out that Mike is actually a girl called “Mieke” and when he realises he’s made a terrible mistake (Mieke looks gorgious) he tries to contact her. Unfortunately, Mieke has blocked his email and he’s got no other way of contacting her to apologise. Luckily, Cooper is there to rescue him. Together they’ll head off to Europe so that Scott can see Mieke in person and apologise…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special with this release. The image quality is above average and doesn’t contain compression errors or edge enhancement. The colors are bright and nicely add to the atmosphere.

The soundtrack is dynamic but doesn’t contain many special effects so that surround speakers and subwoofer don’t really need to pump out a lot. Still, the music does add to the atmosphere a lot and especially the number “Scotty doesn’t Know” is really catchy and will remain wandering around your brain for quite a while.

– Audio Commentary track by director & writers
– Bloopers
– Deleted scenes
– Alternative Ending (pretty bad)
– How to choose a director: three writers drawing straws to get director credits
– Trailers
– Biographies
– Music Video
It seems a lot but in fact the extras aren’t really worth much

Think about any prejudice an American can have about Europe and you’ll probably get to see it in this movie. English are drunk hooligans, French are charming but sleep with any woman they can get their hands on, Italians are dirty gay men, Eastern Europe is scary and with one dollar you’re a king, etc etc etc. Well, the movie may have a ton of prejudice but it does have its funny moments. Overall, Eurotrip is a typical teen comedy with the usual jokes but the fun lays in the characters that are parodies of their own self and the acting is done reasonably decent. On the technical side of things, Universal did a decent job, only the extras could have been a bit better if you ask me.

Our Score:

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