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Evan Almighty

Evan Baxter has it all. He’s just been elected for Congress, he’s moved to a huge house with his family and he’s got a wonderful new office. Things look like they couldn’t be any better and Evan is ready to fulfil his election promise: to change the world. But then things go a bit different than he had wanted. After praying to God asking help to change the world, God decides to pop by and asks Evan to build and ark…

Sound and Vision:
Good stuff on this DVD when it comes to image quality. We didn’t spot any compression errors but instead got nice rich colors, plenty of detail, sharp images, good contrast and everything you would want from a recent release.

Also the sound is decent with crystal clear dialogues and some good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer for the (few) action scenes. Nice.


Evan Almighty is – as you can guess – the sequel to Bruce Almighty. No Jim Carrey this time and it shows. There’s a lot less comedy present and in fact I have to admit that during the entire movie I laughed only one time: during the end credits. Yep, that’s right, the best joke is in the end. Not that there are a lot of good jokes present though. Still, you might think I really hated watching this film but I didn’t. Evan Almighty is like McDonald’s: not bad but nothing special either. Fast food that will please the masses but doesn’t stand out of the crowd. If you don’t have too high expectations and keep in mind that it’s more a movie about family than a real comedy, then you might really like this one. Otherwise I would certainly suggest to rent it before even considering purchase. It certainly isn’t a movie that will be remembered for long.

Our Score:

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