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EVE Online: The Second Genesis

EVE: The Second Genesis will offer such great possibilities you could only dream about a few years ago.
I am aware that there are other of these games, like Dune : Generations, Shattered Galaxy or even Sovereign that are competing with Eve Online, but none of them can tip the high community-level of this game.

As there are people anxious to try out World of Warcraft, there are people anxious to try out the beta of Eve-online; since I’m enthusiastic about it i guess I’m one of those.
Because EVE is an MMPOG (massively-multiplayer online game) it is difficult to categorize it by any conventional standards. How it is categorized depends on the level at which it is played.
The game is set in an unknown portion of space, spanning thousands of solar systems, many of which are settled. Players begin by creating an in-game character, which starts the game equipped with a basic spaceship ready to explore the world. To begin with, players can trade goods between systems or conduct other money making activities, such as mining asteroids, gathering scientific data on unmanned systems or even cleaning up space debris. Gains made from such activity can be used to upgrade the ship with weapons and equipment, and also to develop the character by training him in various skills.

When the player has mastered the basics of the game, amassed some money and equipment and advanced his/her character through basic skills, the possibilities become almost endless. Players who wish to explore peaceful paths can continue to upgrade their ships to bigger and better-defended cargo vessels, purchase advanced mining or research equipment, and continue to develop their character by specializing in their preferred skills. Others will choose to explore more dangerous path, such as piracy, smuggling or bounty hunting. There will even be ways of making money through such activities as spying on other players and reporting illegal activity.

And now the exciting part: The basic RPG, space simulation part of EVE is really just the tip of the iceberg. When players band together to form factions and companies, the game progresses to a more grand strategic level. (and that is an integrated ‘feature’).
Groups of players will be able to build and manage space stations, start up major mining operations on planets and asteroids, manufacture goods and equipment and, no less importantly, fight other groups of players for their bases and resources.
However, the level at which each player decides to participate is a matter of personal choice, and the game leaves ample room for continual progress and diversity in all its solo playing aspects. For those who opt to do so, becoming the best lone-wolf pirate or bounty hunter around is a never-ending task, as the competitors are other human players who will employ every method at their disposal to gain an edge over the rest. Solo players will also be able to hire out their services as mercenaries or hit-men to other players or player-run companies, and such activities will be handled securely through in-game channels.

There are already 5 races to choose from, over 100 different ships in the current database, all customizable from weaponry, to shielding and transport capacity, over 40 different types of ships, from the all-known frigate-class, to the gigantic and impressive Battleship, over 5000! solar systems, minimum 5.000.000 planets to harvest, build, live on, too much to go on.
Players can play the game as a simple space trading game, or aim to control the largest, most powerful company in the world. CCP will provide the rules and tools, but it is the players themselves who create the adventures. (Guess that’s the whole story behind RPG’s)

Of course all of this won’t bee free of charge, targeted monthly fee: $10 to $13.

I’d say, just go and take a look over at EVE: The Second Genesis

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