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Everybody's Golf

Golf games aren’t for everyone. You can’t really call them flashy and if one leaves the ground of the pure simulation, you often end up with an arcade game that one gets bored with after a couple of minutes. A look at the box of Everybody’s Golf immediately shows that we’ve got to do with the pick-up-and-play category of sports games. I therefore was wondering whether this game could interest me longer than an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Such games stand or fall often with their controls. On that side we don’t have much to complain on the PSP seeing that the simple controls are easily done on the handheld. You choose your club with the shoulder buttons, give some effects left or right and push the x button to start your shot, and ultimately determine your power and precision. Despite these seemingly simple handles you do need some practice before perfectly playing the courses and staying below par.

Especially the last couple of meters where you need to put the ball in the hole are more challenging than you would expect but then mostly because it’s very difficult to read the angle of the course. This most certainly could have been done better.

You can haunt the tracks in several ways. You’ve got a training mode, challenge mode and a putting part. The latter isn’t much fun due to the reason I stated above and I also didn’t like the training much either as there’s nothing added compared to the “real” modes so that you can start with the real work just as well.

In the Challenge-option you can choose between doing tournaments (9 or 18 holes), 1vs1 challenges, and of course standard games. As usual you’ll get some unlockables after successfully completing these. Stuff you can get are new tracks, accessories and new golfers. With all this you can adjust your virtual selfs as you want. Funny if you like things like that. Also I need to mention that most modes can also be played through Wi-Fi with up to 8 players.

The visual style perfectly suits the game: everything looks a bit cartoony; you’ll get text balloons that for instance immitate the sound of the putting. Especially the players look adorable and move nicely. The tracks themselves are a bit more realistic but don’t look worse because of that. Textures are colorful and sharp and make sure the game looks very nice. Also the variation in setting is successful. Only the clouds and air tend to be not in line with the rest, they look like pictures that have been copy/pasted behind the rest. Too bad as this breaks the graphical whole.

Something that also tends to bore immediately are the sound effects. Although fun to hear for once, they really start to irritate you after you’ve heard the same blieps and blops 234 times. The soundtrack suffers less from this disease but saying it’s good is also an overstatement.

This was a short review but there isn’t much to say about this game. Visually well done, easy and entertaining to play with for 5 minutes but also challenging and varied enough not to bore after 3 times. Don’t you worry about realism and are looking for a game to give some variation on your PSP then this title won’t disappoint you. However, don’t expect a top game or revolution: Everybody’s Golf for PSP is a very light go-between, nothing less but certainly nothing more either.

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