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Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Ash and his girlfriend Linda arrive at a cabine in the woods where the first movie took place. When Ash turns on a tape recorder which is there, a voice starts mentioning words from the Necronomicon, the book of the dead, unleashing a horde of demons. When Annie Knowby and Ed Getley arrive at the cabine which belongs to her father, they find Ash in a pool of blood and it seems like Ash has killed Annie’s father. Although Ash tries to explain that demons have been at work, Annie and Ed put him in the cellar to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone anymore. But then all hell breaks loose as the demons come back for more.

Sound and Vision:
The image is in anamorphic widescreen and has a very good quality. Contrast, detail and blackness are better than usual for old horror movies being turned into dvd. Luckily there aren’t any compression errors and only a minor amount of grain.

The Dolby 5.1 track has clear voices and once all hell breaks loose, you’ll have your surround and subwoofer sounding like everything is happening in your living room. Very good.

We start off with a very funny audio commentary track where Sam Raimi, co-scriptwriter Scott Spiegel, Bruce Campbell and special effects man Greg Nicotero tell all about the movie and what they went through by making it. Next up is a pretty interesting “Making Of” which covers about all aspects of the making of Evil Dead 2 without talking too much about “how great it was to work with…”. Only downpoint here is that the image quality of the on-the-spot shots are of terrible image quality. Last we get the theatrical trailer. Not quantity, but definitely quality.

A lot of people find Evil Dead 2 to be the best of the trilogy. Whether this is true or not is up to you to decide. What I can say is that it’s got everything an entertaining horror flic needs: gore, loads and loads of blood and last but not least: a good dosis of humour. This dvd release is very good quality and should belong in everyone’s collection (unless you’ve got something against huge amounts of blood)

Our Score:

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