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Evil Dead

Ash and his friends go to a cabin in the woods to have a nice holiday but once there, they find a tape recorder. Of course they can’t keep it off and when the recorded message starts playing, it raises the dead. Apparantly, some ancient spells from the Book of the Dead (aka Necronomicon), were put on the tape and now all hell is breaking loose.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is surprisingly good for a movie which was started shooting in 79 and released in 83 but unfortunately there compression artefacts visible (especially in the beginning of the movie they’re irritating) and the colors look a bit pale. For the rest it’s better than we normally would expect from a horror movie of this age as only a very small amount of grain is present and no damage of the film.

The soundtrack is reworked and now has Dolby Digital 5.1 and even a DTS track is present. Really cool ! The sound is nicely spread over the different channels and the subwoofer comes into action from time to time aswell. Some negative comments are that the sound sometimes is a bit too high and therefor sounds a bit outdated. But all in all not bad.

The extras start off with an audio commentary track by Bruce Campbell and to be honest: it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. He’s entertaining, funny and hardly stops pouring interesting facts at you. Then we have some deleted scenes, TV spots, a photo gallery and a shooting of one of the special effects (although you only see a head dissolving without any sound or anything).

The next interesting extras are an interview which was given in 2001 when the reworked version (this one) was shown again in a theater. The interview is with producer Robert Tapert and the two actresses Ellen Sandweis and Theresa Tilly. Interesting note that is mentioned is that the main crew is working on a new movie which may or may not become Evil Dead 4. At least, it will starr Bruce Campbell in the lead role again 🙂 Last we get a short documentary on how Evil Dead was brought to life and how the people reacted on it. Pretty good stuff.

The only thing regrettable is that in Campbell’s audio commentary he states stuff that “you’ll hear in Sam’s track”. But there is no track from Sam Raimi !

Evil Dead is the real start of Sam Raimi’s career and is still a cult classic. It caused a hype when it was released and can still hold ground in this present day and age although Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are a bit better in my opinion. This dvd is a nice tribute to the movie and cannot be withheld from any dvd-lover’s collection.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a decent dvd-release of Army of Darkness, but this one has eased my pain a little 🙂

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