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Erik’s life is all but great. At home he gets terrorised by his stepfather who’s never pleased with anything he does and as a result he constantly starts to fight with people at school. After having been kicked off several, his last chance for a degree is by going to a private boarding school where the senior students control the younger ones. Once there, he just wants to be left alone and be able to graduate but the seniors aren’t all too happy with the fact that he doesn’t want to comply with their dictatorial rule.

Sound and Vision:
No problems with the image quality. You might find that there’s some detail missing at times but overall we do get a very clear image and compression errors or other disturbances are absent.

Too bad the sound is only 2.0 stereo but for the dialogues it isn’t a problem and there aren’t too many effects so a 5.1 track wouldn’t have done much better in my opinion.


Evil is set mid 20th century in a private boarding school where the (rich) senior students have a dictatorial rule over the others and they love picking on those that are less fortunate. The movie nicely portrays the problems this brings along and the interaction between the different main characters is also shown very well. Although Swedish movies aren’t the most popular in the rest of the world, Evil shows that there’s some good stuff in Sweden. The acting can be quite unnatural at times but overall the 109 minute movie never bores. People looking for something different certainly should check this one out, if only by renting it.

Our Score:

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