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Ex Machina: Appleseed 2-Disc SE

2199. The world is divided into super-cities with Olympus being one of the most important ones. In Olympus humans, cyborgs and bio-engineered organisms called Bioroids live peacefully together in what appears to be a futuristic utopia. However, this all comes under threat when terrorists start attacking Olympus and threaten to bring the city into chaos.

Deunan, Briareos and Tereus, members of the elite police agency ESWAT, are sent out to discover who’s behind these attacks, but when an electrical signal somehow manages to take control over both machines and humans and makes them rise up against the government, it looks like ESWAT may be too late to turn the tide and save Olympus from falling…

Sound and Vision:
We get excellent image quality that brings the traditional manga drawings into a 3D computer generated world and the result is amazing. If you’re looking for modern manga, then this is certainly worth checking out, if only for the images!

The sound is a bit disappointing. The Dolby Digital track does a nice job with the positioning of the music and effects, but overall the track misses some punch and sound a bit too much modest. Maybe a DTS track would have been a better choice and some more aggressive use of the music and effects would have clearly resulted in a better viewing experience.

– Strong Together: John Woo and Shinji Aramaki
– Revolutionary: Anamiation of Ex Machina
– Audio Commentary track
– The Appleseed Chronicles
– East meets West

Ex Machina: Appleseed is created by John Woo and Shinji Aramaki and is the second Appleseed movie. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the first though, as there’s little need for that in order to be able to follow the storyline. What we get here is a magnificent action movie that blows out of the screen thanks to the magnificent graphics (without a doubt some of the best digital anime seen up till now) and great scenes that clearly have gotten a lot of influence from John Woo.

The philosophical treatment we usually get with top manga like Akira is also present but not as heavy as always which is a good thing for the casual viewer. Ex Machina can easily be ranked next to Akira or Ghost in the Shell and fans will no doubt get it but even the less manga-obsessed viewer may want to give this one a shot due to the fact that it’s actually quite open for a general audience. The storyline combines elements from previously mentioned manga’s but influence from American movies like Robocop, Blade Runner and even The Matrix is apparent.

If there’s one downpoint to this dvd, it’s the sound. It’s not bad but lacks some punch and a more aggressive track would have made the viewing experience severely better (not that it’s bad).

Our Score:

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