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Allegra Geller (Leigh) has made loads of money with creating virtual reality games for pods which are some kind of living console where humans can plug themselves in to. However, not everyone likes these virtual reality games and the idea of plugging into some “pod” so Allegra needs to constantly accompanied by a bodyguard to make sure she’s safe. When she does a demonstration of her newest game, eXistenZ, she invites a couple of gamers to test it but what she doesn’t know is that amongst them is a killer who wants to make sure she doesn’t survive the presentation…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of this dvd is hardly good. The original aspect of the film is 1.85:1 but Dutch Filmworks decided for some obscure reason we’ll probably never know to transform it to 4:3 thus making it no longer anamorphic. The level of sharpness is reasonable but mostly because of the huge amounts of edge enhancement which we don’t like either. Take into account that aliasing is present and the colors are rather pale and shadow detail lacks and you’ve good a rather poor image…

The subwoofer hardly ever comes into action which is a bad thing for a movie that contains quite some action and the center speaker mostly spills out very high tones which doesn’t really make it realistic.

We start off with a rather interesting Making Of which contains interviews with main cast & crew combined with some behind the scenes footage. Next up is a very short (4 minutes) featurette on the special effects and last we get the trailer.

eXistenZ is a very good and entertaining movie with good acting and highly complicated storyline that can keep you thinking about the plot even after the movie has finished. Only too bad that the image quality is below standard

Our Score:

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