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Exorcism of Emily Rose Limited Edition, The

Based on the true story, we get to follow the court case of the people versus Father Richard Moore.

Little after Emily Rose left her home to go to university, she gets possessed by what she thinks are demons. She experiences halllucinations, gets strange cramps, has blackouts, and starts speaking in tongues. While the medical world thinks she has some sort of epilepsy combined with a psychosis, Father Moore and Emiliy’s family are convinced she’s possessed by the devil and decide to perform an exorcism. However, the exorcism fails and a few days afterwards, she dies.

Sound and Vision:
We didn’t see any compression errors and the overall image was sharp and contained quite a lot of detail. The color use in the different scenes nicely adds to the overall atmosphere and all in all I was very pleased with the quality.

The soundtrack is a standard 5.1 Dolby Digital track but it shines in bringing forth the tension that’s required for a movie like this one. Great stuff

We get two discs and although normally we would start by telling you what’s on disc 1, the most interesting feature here is actually listed on the second disc: the bonus dvd “The Real Exorcists”. This documentary shows you all kinds of “real world exorcists” and how they combat “evil” and “the devil” and actually believe in what they are doing. Amongst the people that are interviewed there are some voodoo-like priests and road-priests from obscure American churches, but also people from the Roman church and the Church of England even manage to do their say. Luckily, at least one psychologist is also present to give his opinion and make sure you’re not completely overwhelmed by supersticious people 🙂

Disc 1 contains rather standard extras incuding an audio commentary track by the director, deleted scenes, and a couple of features (Genesis of the story, Casting the Movie and Visual Design) that combined are a decent “making of”. Also trailers for Into the Blue, Mirrormask, Stealth and The Fog are present

The Exorcism of Emily Rose nicely combines the horror of the actual exorcism and the happenings before with a courtroom thriller and this makes the movie stand out above the crowd. You don’t just get a horror- or Grisham-like movie but a good combination of both with the added plus that it’s based on a true story. At all times, the tension is high and you immediately get dragged into the disturbing atmosphere that – when watching at night – will make you jump from your chair everytime you hear something squeek.

Sony did a terrific job on the presentation with packaging this dvd in a nice cardboard cover around the standard dvd case and putting inside a second dvd that contains an interesting documentary on “real world exorcists”. Also the image and sound are above par and to conclude I can only say that this is a great movie that will appeal to anyone who’s looking for a tension-filled evening

Our Score:

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