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Exorcist 2 – The Heretic

Regan (Blair) is 16, she’s at school and loves to tapdance but she’s also a lot with doctor Gene Tuskin (Fletcher) who is a psychiater who needs to help Regan with her nightmares. She wants Regan to go under hypnosis so she can find out what Regan dreams about and then analyse the nightmares together but Regan refuses. One day, Father Lemont (Burton) comes to see doctor Tuskin and requests information on Regan. The Vatican has ordered him to investigate the death of Father Merrin (Max von Sydow) who did the exorcism on Regan. The girl suddenly is interested in doing the hypnosis but when Tuskin slips into the nightmare aswell, her hearts gets under a lot of stress and only because of an intervention by Father Lemont she can be saved. What Lemont gets to see however is beyond belief.

When Tuskin comes round she doesn’t remember anything but both Regan and Lemont do remember although Regan hides it for the rest of the world. In the next session, Lemont realises that Regan is still possessed by the demon Pazuzu and despite orders from the Vatican, he’ll do whatever it takes to destroy the demon.

Sound and Vision:
The contrast and shadow detail are pretty good while the colors are bright with good amount of black. Still, things look a bit dated which isn’t a surprise considering the age of this movie. Sharpness sometimes tends to lack due to the use of many lenzes but there aren’t too many damages on the print although some dirt is present. Unfortunately, the whole movie suffers from omnipresent grain.

We get a 1.0 Dolby Digital track where dialogues are very clear and understandable but that’s about all you can say.

An alternate opening (Richard Burton who tells a bit on the first scene from the movie), cast&crew pages and teaser aswell as theatrical trailer are all we get. Sadly no “Making Of”

What is there to say about a classic movie like this? The movie alone is definitely worth having in your collection so I’m sure lots of people will get it just to be able to say their collection is complete. Technically, things are definitely dated and maybe someone should take the task upon them to do a remake with modern standards. Until then, we’ll have to do with the original

Our Score:

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