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Exorcist 3 – The Legion

Inspector Kinderman (Scott) has to investigate several gruesome murders of decapitated and crusified children and when even a priest gets killed, he asks his friend priest Joseph Dyer (Flanders) for help. Kinderman is a non-believer and for him demons aren’t real at all but when after talking with Dyer about these murders, he gets pointed towards a mentally ill man who claims to be the Gemini-killer who was executed 15 years ago. The strange things however, is that the murdered people do have the markings of the Gemini killer. The man starts to explain how the Gemini murders were done and it soon becomes clear he’s possessed by the demon that was exorcised by Father Merrin 15 years ago. It took the demon all this time to get the man so far to cooperate with the murders and now Kinderman is alone with him in a room… will he be able to get rid of this demon once and for all ?

Sound and Vision:
Contrast, shadow depth, detail, colors, black level, … everything is good except that things do look a bit dated due to the way the movie was filmed in the 80’s. Compression errors and edge enhancement are absent but some solarisation is present although not too disturbing.

The original stereo track has been remixed into a 5.1 track and sound warm and pretty dynamic with even some good work from the subwoofer. The front channels are mostly used and the dialogues are clear and understandable while the surround channels are only used for some minor effects and music.

Only the theatrical trailer

Although this is the third movie in the “Exorcist” series and it has little to do with the previous stories, the film is still entertaining although it does get a little dated. Warner delivers a dvd which is pretty decent on the technical side but some extras would have been nice

Our Score:

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