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Exorcist: The Beginning SE

After the horror of the second World War, father Merrin decided to turn his back on the church and continue his life as an archeologist. In this function, he gets contacted by a man who wants him to go to East-Africa to inspect a recently discovered church that was burried under ground and appears to be made before the Christian religion ever existed in Africa. Interested by this strange phenomenon, Merrin accepts the job and travels to Africa where he meets up with the team that is responsible for the digsite. It isn’t long before strange things start happening as the church gets more and more uncovered and Merrin starts to realise that inside the building, some very powerful and evil force has rested but is now awake…

Sound and Vision:
Dutch Filmworks has done a terrific job on both the image and sound quality. The contrast, level of detail and colors are perfect, the image is really sharp, and there are no compression errors, edge enhancement or film spots. Only some minimal filmgrain is present.

The DTS track is very dynamic and manages to create a nice dark atmosphere. The surround speakers and subwoofer do their job nicely with plenty of detail while the dialogues are crystal clear and coming from the center speaker at all times.

– Trailers
– Poltergeist documentary: an episode of the TV documentary series ‘The Unexplained’, this time talking about poltergeists with testimonies from witnesses and such
– Behind the scenes: standard B-roll
– Film clips
– Photo gallery
– TV spots
– Interviews: soundbites where you see Stellan Skarsgard, James D’Arcy, Izabella Scorupco, Renny Harlin and producer James G. Robinson give answers to questions you don’t hear posed

The Exorcist made a buig impression when it was released, and even the sequel and third episode are well-known and have their place in the history of horror movies. Exorcist, the Beginning on the other hand, tries to pick in on the success of these classics but hardly succeeds to rise above the average action/horror movie. On the technical side we get a good job from Dutch Filmworks and the extras in the form of the sound bites and poltergeist documentary are quite interesting. The rest of the extras aren’t worth much sadly enough.

Our Score:

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