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Extras Season 1

Andy Millman has given up his job to start working as an actor. Since he doesn’t have such a good agent, most of the time he just works as an “extra” in movies while trying to get in the picture. While his acting career isn’t going too great at the moment, he’s convinced that something will come up eventually. After all, he always manages to get along pretty well with the big stars. Meanwhile, he passes the time with his colleague Maggie who constantly tries to get into bed with some of the other cast.

Sound and Vision:
Good sound and image quality. Like “The Office” everything is filmed a bit like a documentary so don’t expect any special effects or anything but the image is sharp without any problems and the sound does its job nicely with crystal clear dialogues

– The Difficult Second Album: about the best feature on the second disc. Not that you get some serious information but at least it’s enjoyable and interesting to watch.
– Finding Leo: When Jude Law turned the guys down at the last minute, they needed a replacement and thought Leonardo DiCaprio would be a good one. However, they don’t have his number so the search to get him on the phone is documented here.
– Taping Nigel: Stephen Merchant starts this feature with an apology that there aren’t any decent extras on the dvd but tells us it’s because of the fact that Ricky Gervais was constantly off with the camera to film their editor Nigel who gets bullied around by Ricky.
– Bloopers
– Deleted Scenes

Extras is the second series of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who had a difficult job to make a series that would equal their hit “The Office”. Like “The Office”, the series is filmed in a very documentary way and although it’s a bit more difficult to get into due to the fact that not everyone has an affinity with movie-making (while probably any person has had bad experience with management ;p), Extras does manage to do the job excellent. The fact that celebrities are a part in the series isn’t as important as the fact that they make a fool out of themselves. The way this is being done is excellent, especially with Ben Stiller who for once is painfully funny. Talking about painful: like The Office, Extras’ comedy is actually about things being so sad that they become hilarious so I would bet not everyone will appreciate the humour. But on the other hand: not everyone could understand The Office either 🙂

In the end, Extras is a great successor to The Office and Warner has delivered a nice dvd package although the extras could have been a lot better.

Our Score:

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