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Extras Season 2

At the end of season one, we saw that Andy Millman finally managed to get his script for a comedy sold to the BBC and that’s where season two starts. Andy’s ideas have been greatly appreciated, but the producers want to make it a one-sentence sitcom instead of Andy who wants a bit more high-level comedy. But instead of keeping by his principles, Andy decides to go for “fame and fortune” which results in him becoming a mockery amongst serious actors. However, his show is getting enormous viewing ratings.

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special to be said here. The image is decent and so is the sound. This comedy runs on dialogue and those are always clear and understandable. Don’t expect any special effects or anything, that isn’t what this show is about.

– Behind the screens
– Deleted Scenes
– Taping Nigel 2 documentary
– The Art of Corpsing

Just like with season 1, definitely worth to check out

Season 2 of Extras continues the tragic comedy set out in the first season. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant again proove that The Office wasn’t a one-hit wonder and that they’re capable of bringing top class comedy. If you haven’t seen season one yet, I suggest you get it now, and while you’re at the shop, don’t forget to take this one along as well. It’s cool to see Orlando Bloom make a fool out of himself 🙂

Our Score:

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