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Eye, The

Sydney Wells is a young and promising violinist who lost her sight when she was five years old due to an accident with some fireworks. She hasn’t had much problems adapting and coming at easy with her disability but her sister has always felt guilty about it and kept looking at how science progressed to see whether she could help her get her sight back. Now the time has come and Sydney will undergo a transplant that will get her vision back but she’s getting a bit more than she had anticipated for.

Suddenly she can see ghosts and terrible things that have happened in the past but as nobody believes her, she becomes determined to find out who the donor for her eyes was and how she can stop the images from appearing before she becomes insane.

Sound and Vision:
The Eye of course has some very blurred images but that’s an intentional choice to show the perspective of the main character. The rest of the movie has reasonably decent image quality without edge enhancement or too obvious compression errors.

The sound does a nice job as well by using the surround channels and subwoofer to support the images on screen very well.


The Eye is a remake of yet another Asian horror movie as we’ve seen so many the last couple of years and as with most of these the special effects are nice but we’ve seen them all before. There’s nothing original in The Eye and the finale could have just as well been used for a Final Destination movie.

In fact, if you objectively look at The Eye, you can clearly see three distinct parts:
– Part 1: Alba gets new eyes, starts seeing blurry images with ghosts and some sort of monsters
– Part 2: Alba doesn’t believe she’s insane and goes on a road trip to find out what happened with the donor of her eyes
– Part 3: Grand finale where she saves the world (or something in the same line)

Simple, no? Well, that’s exactly how this film can be described. It’s a pretty simple movie that has some nice scare effects but doesn’t do anything out of the extraordinary. However, just like a Big Mac can taste well, The Eye is no doubt fastfood entertainment that can please the viewer for a short period of time.

Our Score:

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