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F1 2000

After Nascar 2000 quite disappointed me, I was wondering what F1 2000 would be like since that another racer by Electronic Arts, and believe it or not… I love it !

All the tracks and drivers, supplied with tons of interesting info. Great graphics. A real feeling of speed. What does one want more of a race sim ?
After a nice intro, you get the main menu where you can choose what type of race you would like to play, going from practice, single race to a real championship.

Off course I chose the real championship since with Michael Schumacher I have no chance of loosing !

2 qualification rounds, and I started at the 3rd row, which is not so great, but I just got bored in driving rounds to get qualified.

3…2…1 LIFT OFF ! One heck of a start, after 500 meters I was already in 3rd position. Yeehaa ! BAM ! Jean Alesi decided to run me from the track !
After turning my car back onto the track, I took the second turn in 10th position. A few minutes later (high-speed chase :p) I got hold of 7th position with Heinz Harald Frentzen right in front of me and some less known god at my back. Next turn : instead of following the normal road, I decided to take a shortcut and drive through the grass. “Great Move”, I hear coming out of my speakers from the commentator, and there I am in 6th position !

After the final round I end up being 7th (my damn teammate Rubens Barichello took 6th place from me !) and the commentator goes like this : “No points, too bad. But ! You DID finish the race !” Yeah, like that’s what I’m doing it for. “Michael Schumacher finished the race”. It’s like I’m Jos Verstappen who finished a race for the first time in his life !

Guess Australia isn’t my kind of track…

To get back to my review, I just want to say that this game rocks. It has everything a racing sim needs with great commentators, graphics that are a real feast to watch, tracks that drive like the real tracks, gameplay that gets you into that car and feel the engine go in a few seconds and even a pits that looks pretty (except that there aren’t any babes)

I just don’t understand how it is possible that Electronic Arts could make such a great Formula 1 racer and on the other hand deliver us an ucky Nascar sim…

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