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F1 Championship 2000

Grand Prix 3 is for many people the number 1 racing sim in the world, but Electronic Arts always give it their best shot to make an even better F1 racer with their F1 Championship titles, and it seems they’ve done it again.

The important things about a racing game are the feeling of speed when you’re driving, the surroundings, and with a F1 sim also the options you have with your car. In each of these categories, EA has beaten the guys of Microprose in my opinion.
The gameplay is absolutely fabulous. You have all the possibilities to choose cars or drivers of the 2000 F1 season, and if you want you can tweak your car as much as you’ld like to. when you’re driving, it’s almost like you’re driving a real F1 car and even the sound of the engine is the way it should be.

The graphics are stunning. Each grand prix surrounding is taken from the original grand prixs that are driven by Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen, and even the pit stop is well-done. Where Grand Prix 3 had some ugly sprites that were supposed to be mechanics, F1 Championship 2000 has PEOPLE that work on your car.
The effects that you have during the race are also the best I’ve seen yet. When there’s fog you won’t see much except for lights and the immediate road in front of you, and when it rains, you see the tracks from the cars in front of you just like when you would be driving in real life.

Also, before each race you get to see a little intro movie of the city where you’ll be driving, and that just adds to the atmosphere. The only thing I’m missing in this game (as in all F1 games are the pits babes)

Is there much else to say ? Well, with all the details from the official F1 teams, the unseen before graphics, the easy way to get into the game (with the steering help for instance) I would just say that if you’re looking for a great racing game, this is the one you should get.

Everything is done to make this racer as “real life” as possible, and while in earlier versions the steering help was too easy and you could win a race just by accellerating, the engineers of EA have tweaked it so that you have alot of steering and driving to do if you want to win, even with steering help on. Also when you drive through grass or your tires are getting overheated, it’s harder to keep your car on the tracks (a fault that used to be in previous editions of this game, your tires kept in great shape throughout the game, or you would have to play on professional level)

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