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In Face/Off, Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are each others opposites. Travolta is FBI agent Sean Archer who lives a pretty standard happy life with his wife and daughter while Cage plays the psychopatic terrorist Castor Troy who is being chased by Archer. When Travolta catches Troy but finds out that Castor has hidden an enormous bomb somewhere, the only possibility for Sean Archer is to undergo plastic surgery to make him look like his worst enemy, giving him the possibility to go undercover in the crime scene and to get the information he needs to find and disarm the bomb.

When Castor Troy suddenly comes out of his coma and finds himself with the face of Sean Archer, things start rolling. Troy takes up the life of the real Archer, “finds and disarms” the bomb and becomes a hero while the real Sean Archer with the face of Troy tries to get his life back.

Sound and Vision:
As with most DVD’s today, the screen is anamorphic 16:9 but with an average bitrate of 7.63 Mbps it’s just within DVD standards. The contrast is excellent and there’s no itches what so ever. The sound is very good and the surround channels are well-used bringing nice effects to your ears.

If you want extras, you’ll have to buy the special edition version although also there not much interesting can be found.

John Woo has conquered the world with this action-packed movie where a great casting combined with good storyline and surprising angles are bundled to form an instant classic. Too bad that there’s hardly any extras (even on the special edition) but still worth buying, if only to see Cage and Travolta change faces

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