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Faculty, The

Herrington High is a typical American small-town highschool where suddenly the teachers start to act very weird. They start drinking insane amounts of water and don’t seem to behave as they used to.
When two students hide in a closet, they notice one of the teachers strangling the nurse. They manage to escape but minutes later the nurse is back alive! Together with a couple of friends they find out that an alien invasion is going on and they have to do all they can to stop it. Meanwhile, the whole school is getting infested by the aliens and it won’t be long before they’ll start to spread over the entire country…

Sound and Vision:
RCV has again delivered a technically great DVD. The image quality is perfect with good detail, contrast, brightness and color use. Compression errors are not present much like edge enhancement.

The soundtrack is also pretty nice with good use of all the surround channels and subwoofer. Only minor downpoint is a “tick” in the sound in certain scenes.

Behind-the-scenes shots in the B-Roll, some interviews with cast & crew and of course the obligatory trailer. Not much but decent.

The Faculty is one of those movies where teenagers save the world. It’s got a lot in common with Invasion of the Body Snatchers and brings that storyline to this day and age. Good acting combined with a nice storyline make a good movie. Added with good technical specs, this dvd is definitely worth taking a look at

Our Score:

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