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Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore is back with another documentary on American society and this time his only goal is to make sure George W. Bush doesn’t get re-elected. Moore analyses how Bush got elected, the accomplishments of the Bush administration up until 9/11 and the reactions after the attack. In the second part of the movie, we get to see the events that lead to the attack on Iraq and the results of that including interviews with soldiers in the warzone and the folks back home.

Sound and Vision:
Moore uses a lot of material that has been shown on TV and the quality of that isn’t always too great. The interview parts he did himself on the other hand are pretty decent and overall we can say that for a documentary, the image is decent.

The dvd contains a DTS track which is rather strange for a documentary and also quite over the top. Only during the attack on the twin towers, it really comes into action and creates the necessary atmosphere very nicely.

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Moore slaps you around with all sorts of facts that are common knowledge but put together give a horror story. The way the Bush administration has acted since the moment they got in the White House is just unbelievable and if you wouldn’t know any better you would think Moore has made a parody on the president. Sadly, he did not. Fahrenheit 9/11 received several awards and I can very well see why as the first part of the movie is truly gripping. However, towards the end, Moore couldn’t leave his hometown Flint alone and started following one of the women living there. Apparantly she has a son that died in Iraq and that changed the way she feels about Bush and the war. Why Moore keeps following her is a mystery. It doesn’t add anything to the movie except cheap sensationalism.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a great documentary that clearly shows Bush the way he is and although it didn’t prevent Bush from being re-elected, it does show a shocking picture of the current president of the most powerful nation on earth. A must have for anyone that’s even remotely interested in politics. I’m only very sad that Paradiso neglected to add any of the extras that are present on the dvd release in other countries.

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