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Fair Game

Valerie Plame Wilson is a CIA operative who’s mission is to find evidence that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction, the reason why the US want to go to war against Iraq. No matter how hard she looks, however, she can’t find anything. When a rumor pops up that Saddam has bought some yellowcake uranium from Niger, Plame suggests that her husband, Joe Wilson, can help as being a former ambassador, he’s got expertise with the region. After he gets sent out by the agency, he believes that there’s absolutely no proof of such a deal.

The White House of course isn’t happy with his conclusions so they keep pushing forward, stating that Saddam does have WMD’s. Outraged by his findings not being taken into account, Wilson then writes a column in a newspaper, bringing his ideas out and openly accusing the White House of misleading the media and the general public. In a move to discredit Wilson, the higher-ups that want to go to war with Iraq then decide to blow Valerie’s cover and expose her to the world as a CIA operative…

Sound and Vision:
Fair Game gets a very good transfer with only minor issue being that the blacks look a bit flat at times. Other than that there’s really nothing to complain about.

For a movie centered around dialogue, we do get a rather active soundtrack with lots of use of the LFE channel for explosions and bombs going off in Iraq. Also the surrounds get quite more attention than you would expect with CIA field offices, a traffic jam in Iraq and even a press conference scene where you hear questions from journalists coming from all over. Nice!


Fair Game is one of the many movies to come out of the entire “War on Terror” but where most tend to show a story about soldiers going to war and crticism being outright given to the Bush administration and how they brought on the war in Iraq in general, here we get a more personal story.

Fair Game brings forth the story in a rather neutral and “factual” way, presenting this as things supposedly happened with a focus on the personal feelings of the characters but not in such a way that I found myself truly engaged or outraged even. It’s like you’re seeing things passing by without really getting involved and eventhough you know that what apparently went on is outrageous, the movie doesn’t manage to make you care.

Of course that’s possibly because this true story didn’t really make much of a stir in Europe, but for me it’s more because I really couldn’t understand why it took Plame so long to come forward with her side of the story. It’s possible I missed something, but to me it’s that either the movie failed to show Plame’s reasoning behind “protecting” those who brought her in this difficult position, or she’s just plain stupid.

In either case, for me the movie is a failure, no matter how outrageous the fact of the CIA hanging one of their own out to dry is.

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