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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer SE

Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards and Sue “Invisible Woman” Storm are about to get married when an alien they call The Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and starts making huge craters. It doesn’t take long for the US military to find out the Surfer is threatening Earth’s existence so they ask the Fantastic Four for help but when a first attempt to catch the surfer fails miserably, the military ask Dr. Doom to aid. But as we all know, Doom cannot be trusted and this time the existence of the entire planet is at risk.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of minor compression errors but hardly spottable so that’s a good thing. The contrast is a bit off in certain scenes which makes that it’s hard to spot details sometimes. Especially the scenes in the woods suffer from this but also others have a problem.

The DTS track does its job nicely with good use of the surround speakers while the subwoofer nicely supports the explosions and stuff. Dialogues are always clear and understandable but the volume level does tend to be a bit low.

A couple of audio commentary tracks, some deleted scenes, a Making Of, a look at the origins of Fantastic Four, a feature on the Fantasticar, some previsualisation scenes and a feature on the “four elements”

If you liked the first Fantastic Four there’s a possibility you might like this sequel, but if you didn’t then just stay away. As happens often, this second movie can’t keep up with the first one and although the special effects are quite nice, the movie itself is pretty boring. The jokes are hardly laughable, the action is nice but doesn’t manage to hide a decent storyline, and the characters are as deep as cardboard and filled with clichés. Especially the whole “getting married, settling down” part that later on of course changes to “we’re responsible for the world” is so plain obvious from the start that you even have to keep yourself from vommiting. Really… can’t the writers in Hollywood come up with something a little more original? Hell, Stan Lee’s comics have more depth than this!

On the technical aspect the contrast could have been a lot better but for the rest there’s little to complain about. If you’re really into extras this special edition may interest you but then you’ll have to be sure you like the movie.

Our Score:

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