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Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, The

Sean Boswell has already gotten into trouble doing street races several times and when he and his opponent crash during his latest drive, he gets sent off to Tokyo, Japan to live with his father. Daddy, a Navy guy, lives in not too great circumstances but wants to keep his boy safe from any harm and orders Sean to only go out to go to school and immediately return back home after. Of course, that only goes well until Sean’s first day at school where he meets Twinkie, another kid from an army man. Twinkie is hooked up in the Tokyo Drift races and when he invites Sean to come along, the deed is done.

When attending his first race event, it doesn’t take Sean long to get into trouble with one of the local Yakuza-connected boys, especially with their leader DK, and when he gets the chance to race the guy, he completely thrashes the car he got loaned from Han, a respected member of the Japanese underground and drift racing scene. This way, Sean gets sucked into the energetic “Drift” scene and to repay for the car, he needs to do some minor criminal jobs for Han. One would think things work out from now on, but Sean keeps getting into trouble with DK and it’s clear that things won’t settle down…

Sound and Vision:
One thing is clear: the image and sound quality of this disk is very good. While you get hair sharp images with bright colors and without anything to spoil the fun, the soundtrack comes pounding out of your surround set, putting you right in the middle of the action.

Especially the first race is spectacular to follow but also the continuous beats make for a very enervating and energetic atmosphere that perfectly fits this movie.

– Deleted Scenes
– Audio commentary by director Justin Lin
– Gag Reel
– Drift School
– Cast Cam
– Video clip Conteo
– The Big Breakdown: Han’s last ride
– Ticket out to Drift
– The Real Drift King
– The Japanese Way

Most of the extras are about the cars, the stunt people and how the movie was shot. All in all there’s some interesting stuff to watch, especially if you like tuned cars.

I’m going to repeat myself. “The storyline of this movie is thinner than a fishing cord and not even 1/3rd as strong”. Yep, I said that same thing in our previous review, that of Ultraviolet, but it is equally true here. Take away the car chases and there’s nothing left. You’ve got a storyline that’s ridiculous, characters that have no content what so ever except that they seem to promote stupidity, and a main lead that sounds like Forrest Gump with what’s left of his intelligence having left him ages ago due to a lack of usage. Need I say more? The Johnnies and their “ho’s” will no doubt be overwhelmed by this movie but anyone with a mind that can do more than make one say “doh!” will find nothing but a couple of flashy cars driving by on enervating beats. Oh, and there isn’t even any nudity!

Our Score:

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