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Fast & Furious

Dominic Toretto is still alive and kicking. After Brian O’Connor let him go in the original movie, he went abroad but when his girlfriend dies in a strange car accident Dominic decides to come back. It doesn’t take him long to find out that there’s nothing accidental about the car crash and he decides to get even with whoever is behind her death. Meanwhile, Brian – who got enlisted again by the FBI – is going after a gang of drug trafficers who have murdered a couple of agents that tried to infiltrate the organisation. When Brian and Dominic meet again, they quickly find out that they’re after the same people. Working together seems the best option for both parties in order to survive as well as get what they’re after.

Sound and Vision:
When it comes to image and sound there isn’t much to comment on. Both are almost exemplary for Blu-ray and if you want a technically good transfer to show off with then this is it. The are no compression artefacts what so ever, the levels of black are terrific and the only minor comment you could have is that some of the backgrounds in the tunnel chase are quite phony but you can’t blame the transfer for that.

The bombastic sound that comes out of your speakers and subwoofer truly shows the level of detail and punch a DTS-HD track can deliver and perfectly fits the movie.

– U-Control
– BD Live
– Under the hood: muscle cars & import cars
– Getting the Gang Back Together
– Driving school with Vin Diesel
– Shooting the Big Rig Heist
– South of the border: filming in Mexico
– Races and chases
– High Octane Action: The Stunts
– Video clip “Blanco” by Pitbull

A very fine collection of extras that show Universal didn’t hold back on the this release. However, the similar nature of many of the extras suggests that everything could have been put together as one big Making of documentary.

After Tokyo Drift, we hoped to never hear about The Fast & The Furious again. Justin Lin’s previous movie about tuning and drifting was an abomination that almost made us want to forget the entire series. Luckily there’s Vin Diesel who decided to come back for the fourth movie and set the series back on the rails. Sure, the storyline still isn’t all that great, the dialogues are little more than meaningless one-liners and the acting isn’t top notch either, but Vin is back and that makes up for a lot! Diesel completely rules the scene and each time you see « Dom » appearing in a scene you’re wondering who’ll be getting a beating. Add to that a couple of nice stunts, a stunning car chase in a mine and the overload of testosterone and you can imagine what you’ll be getting when watching this film.

Fast & Furious isn’t as good as the original, but it does a hell of a lot better than the previous sequels. Diesel sets the series back on its rails and even leaves the possibility open at the end for yet another sequel, but let’s hope it stays with this one which would be an honorable ending for a series that lost it completely.

This blu-ray release is exemplary for the medium. Although the film itself isn’t a masterpiece, the Blu-ray is definitely worth checking out thanks to excellent image and sound quality and a buttload of extras.

Our Score:

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