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Fear Dot Com

When four people have died under mysterious circumstances, detective Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff) and his partner (Combs) get assistance from Terry Huston from the Department of Health who wants to make sure that there’s no new epidemic spreading around town as all victims had blood coming out of their eyes without an apparant reason. Soon, they find out that all who died had visited the website 48 hours before and it becomes clear that a killer Mike was looking for has something to do with it as the “Fear”-site used to be operated by that serial killer. When Mike visits the site himself, he immediately finds out that there’s more going on than just a serial killer on the loose. His 48 hours have started…

Sound and Vision:
Decent although not perfect image quality. The level of detail could have been better, especially in the dark scenes (of which there are quite a lot). Still, the colors are good and the image is fairly sharp while we didn’t spot any compression errors nor edge enhancement.

The soundtrack is spooky and consists of enough effects to keep the surround speakers busy while also the subwoofer gets its peace of the action. Pretty good.

It looks like there’s quite a lot of extras on the disc but in reality there’s nothing special. A very short and commercial “Making of” doesn’t really give any specific interesting information. The audio commentary track by William Malone and the Director of Photography does give quite some interesting information although you do have to be able to stand the tone of Malone’s voice which is quite irritating. There’s one deleted scene that is boring as hell and makes it quite obvious why it has been cut. For the rest we get some filmographies, photo galleries and a couple of trailers.

Fear Dot Com clearly has stolen the idea from “Ring” and doesn’t really add anything new. Throughout the movie there’s hardly any suspense and Dorff clearly wasn’t interested when shooting the picture. The extras are boring as hell aswell so I really can’t give a positive review although image and sound quality are pretty good

Our Score:

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