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Feast – Unrated

A slow night at a bar in the Californian desert suddenly gets a lot more action when a bloody man enters and starts raving about monsters that are following him and will kill everyone in sight. Seconds later the monsters arrive and the slashing may begin.

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special to be said about the image. We didn’t spot any obnoxious compression errors and the overall quality is pretty decent. The only downpoint we have is that the action is shot so chaotic at times that it’s pretty hard to see what’s actually going on.

The sound is supposed to come with a 5.1 track, but the disc we received only brought us a 2.0 track. I’m sure that with a fully fledged 5.1 soundtrack, the action would have been even better.


Feast has a véry thin storyline but that doesn’t really bother. It’s all about gore and action and there’s plenty of that present. Same with comedy by the way. From the intro with quotes from the main characters and their predicted lifespan) to monster sex, you’ll probably be laughing out loud. If you can stand all the blood and limbs flying around that is.

Feast is a low budget horror flic that does its job very nicely and will entertain you for 95 minutes without ever getting boring. But you’ll need a good stomach for the gore. Just as we like it!

Our Score:

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