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Feed 2-Disc SE

Phillip is a cyber detective who tracks down perverts all over the world. After a mission in Germany where he gets confronted with a man who wants to be eaten, he goes back to his office in Australia where he surfs the internet and stumbles upon “feeders”, men that love huge women (gainers) and make them so big that they can’t even get out of bed anymore. As he digs into the matter, he finds a hidden website that even gives statistics about the women and when it becomes clear that one of those “gainers” has disappeared after getting to 270 kilos, he decides to go to Toledo, Ohio, to track down the feeder and make him pay for his perversity…

Sound and Vision:
The image has a lot of different color palettes with specific scenes overdone with blue, green or red/orange. This doesn’t bother as such as it nicely shows the different sceneries but the often epyleptic shooting does tend to annoy at times. Compression errors is something we didn’t spot but we did find some grain which may be intentional but we’re not sure about that.

The soundtrack does its job without much grandure.

– Interviews
– Behind the Screens
– Alternative Ending
– Deleted Scenes
– Infomercial
– Trailers

The usual stuff we’ve gotten to know pretty well as dvd additions.

Feed shows several perversities that are actually happening in the world right now and personally I found it sick. I’m not judging on what people get their kicks off, but I’m sure several soft-hearted people will have to throw up when seeing certain scenes. As such, the movie perfectly manages to obtain its goal of horror, but unfortunately, the storyline isn’t compelling enough to do more than that: shock people.
The flashbacks with the main character, Philip, are often so epyleptic that it’s sometimes hard to follow what’s going on and this partially is responsible for the viewer not having any empathy with the characters on screen. I’m pretty sure that’s what the director intended, but I’m not sure it’s good for the movie itself.

All in all, Feed is the perfect movie for horror fans that are looking for a different kind of gore and they’ll be happy to get such a nice-looking package with reasonable image and sound quality and a couple of interesting extras

Our Score:

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