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Actually, I hate Football. In the past, you could have respect for these great football heroes, but that’s a time long gone by. I mean, just watch at these people trying to be a star! I turn on the television, sit down and what do I see? Some stupid arrogant snobs who think they are a so damn important. I get really mad because of their inappropriate sense of arrogance. So damn mad I just want to get those people against the wall.

This inappropriate sense of arrogance would be acceptable if they could shoot some balls. Yet all they seem to care off is their pay check. My advice: just stay home and drink some hot coco instead of acting totally ridiculous after a sliding. Acting like a 4 year old kid who just felt of his bicycle is what football players are best at. Yet they seem to heal very quickly, because after one minute of recovering, they are able to pull others shirts like sissies. Now, you should know I’m from Belgium, and it saddens me to say that Belgium clubs are playing bollocks. No luck for Belgian supporters, maybe FIFA 06 can cheer me up. I sure hope so!

Games like FIFA 06 give you the chance of playing with the worst, and beating the best. I can easily humiliate Chelsea, crush Brazil and make kaka shit his pants. The FIFA franchise could never beat Pro Evolution Soccer though. Pro Evolution Soccer was a dictator, a true immense ruler with no chance of winning for FIFA. But you got to admit it, EA Sports are slow learners, but they learn. Maybe this year the gab between both games isn’t as wide as it used to be some years ago.

Compare FIFA 99 with this game. In 1999 you could easily beat humiliate great clubs with 10-0 with to fingers stuck up in your nose. Scoring goals far from the penalty dot was more of a rule instead of an exception and it looked like the players were addicted to Speed (the drugs, not the big chief of Fragland). This speed was a real pain in the ass for tactical players. With the arrival of FIFA Street earlier this year we are pleased to announce EA Sports chooses a more decent gameplay in the original FIFA games and leaves behind the fantasy of previous FIFA games.

You immediately notice the slower gameplay of FIFA 06. Finally, you get the time to prepare your actions before striking. It takes a while to understand everything and scoring isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fans of Pro Evolution Soccer will be in a much easier condition as FIFA addicted players. It’s no secret EA Sports closely overlooked Konami for creating a more realistic football game, though they won’t admit this. Konami stays king of football, but EA Sports is getting closer to the throne. And who knows, maybe in a couple of years, EA will be ready to tackle the king of football.

But why isn’t EA Sports on the throne this year? Everything looks and feels alright, doesn’t it? Well, it’s mostly about the little mistakes. I still think the way of stopping a penalty or shooting a corner etc. is a little bit clumsy. You don’t really feel that you’re in control, because of the meter, which you have to stop in the right square. It’s still too much based on luck I guess. Yes, you can say every football game has this kind of system, but I just believe it’s unnatural. Luckily, it doesn’t ruin all the fun, so it could be worse off course, for what it’s worth.

The commentary in FIFA 06 is mostly taken over from FIFA 2005. I don’t like these people just talking complete nonsense. I guess it’s a relief the English commentary isn’t as crappy as the Dutch commentary. But even the Dutch and Belgian people can choose other languages, so that’s not such a big problem. The graphics are ok, without being very special. I did find are the strange frame drops in some matches. It sometimes seems the whole game just drops into a black hole of slowness. Too bad, because it messes up the gameplay. Strangely enough, this doesn’t occur every match. As if the famous heads of Beckham and Zidane needed more power from my PS2

FIFA 06 is a more than decent football game. Too bad that the small mistakes get in the way sometimes. If the nice people of EA Sports knew a way to finish withthese mistakes, we could have a beautiful game. I think it could be a nice idea to skip a year. That’s the only way the gap between FIFA and PES will disappear. A decent game, could be better without all the small mistakes.

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