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FIFA 2002 World Cup

It’s been a long while since I’ve played one of the FIFA games but I can remember that I always liked them as they had about the best gameplay and graphics ever to be shown in a computer soccer game. Needless to say that I was quite happy when the postman put FIFA 2002 World Cup in my mailbox.

After the “EA Sports, it’s in the game” trailer from Electonic Arts, a menu with only a few options was shown. One has the choice to play a friendly game, compete in the World Cup, change the game options (didn’t find a configuration setting for graphics and such though) or check out some of the “special features” on the cd.

These special features don’t hold too much though, mostly they’re a few short movies with interviews taken with supporters and other people about what they think of the World Cup. Not really interesting if you ask me.

So back to the game. Of course you start off by playing the world cup as a friendly match doesn’t have the same charisma.

Choose a team of your likings, check out the strategies, line up your players, set the formation and you’re off to go.

A nice intro, showing the stadium and the players entering the field, and the game starts.

Every button has its defensive and offensive task and with some nice combining, you can do the most amazing moves to get past your opponents.

The graphics are awesome as ever. The animations of the players are realistic and the replays of tackles and goals are just like you would expect when you see a match on TV.

The sound is good with a convincing public and good commentators that don’t start to annoy you.

One of the downpoints of FIFA 2002 was that the difficulty levels were no longer there, but with this version that is resolved : you can again choose difficulty, and when you win with 5-0 against your opponent, the game will suggest to increase the difficulty.

EA have done their best to again deliver a completely finished product and as usual they’ve succeeded. FIFA2002 World Cup has everything you want from a soccer game : fast gameplay, great graphics, detailed stadiums, atmoshpere, correct team information, and so on.

And as a nice bonus, the first time you win the world cup you unlock an extra Team with which you can play a friendly match : The European All Star Team including the best European players.

As usual these days, there’s a multiplayer possibility but it’s a bit too laggy to play over the internet and fully enjoy it. Luckily you can play it over lan aswell so if you really think you can beat your friends, you might want to give that a try πŸ™‚

Overall, EA delivers again with FIFA2002 World Cup and the minor negative points of FIFA2002 have been corrected. A must for soccer fans.

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