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FIFA Street 2

Right after FIFA Street was released, a sequel was already announced, and this time also for PSP owners. Who doesn’t like a quick game of soccer on the train, in the car (preferably not behind the steering wheel) or with friends at school?

Just like its predecessor, FIFA Street 2 isn’t only about scoring goals but more about the use of all kinds of spectacular tricks. These can at times be a real pleasure to watch and in this new version there’s no lack of them at all. But unfortunately, this is the only major difference with FIFA Street 1, something I regret as I had hoped for deeper gameplay and new features.

The “Rule the Street” mode is the most important one. Here you make your own team and coach and make sure you reach the top. The coach can be modelled to your liking and once you’ve done that you can start with setting up your team. In the beginning you get a couple of players but when winning points and games, you can improve them or buy new and better ones.

As in the previous game, you don’t need special strategies to win, but more skill with the ball. The tricks are hard at first which becomes very irritating and frustrating and is a major downer for the gameplay. After a while you start getting used to the controls and then the spectacle can really begin.

You see your players pass the ball over the wall, make incredibly dribbles, and score with astonishing precision. So great to see that you would almost fall over. Only too bad that EA didn’t include a replay mode so you will never be able to show off your skill to your friends.

The second problem is with the tackles. Don’t expect anything special, your players will just put their foot in front of the adversary (most of the time in the wrong direction even) and that’s that. These moves will make your team loose speed and then it’s hardly possible to regain the ball before he reaches your goal. The tactic then is to approach your opponent from the side and hope to make him trip so you can sprint away with the ball. It would have been better if EA would have put some more work in the controls but it’s a bit late for that now.

Next to matches, matches and more matches, the game doesn’t offer anything additional so after a couple of hours, things start to get boring pretty quick as there’s too little variation.

Visually, FIFA Street 2 is very beautiful. The game never drops in framerate. Probably it never reaches the limits of the PSP but it does manage to show off some really great effects on your screen, especially when you do a lot of tricks, it’s a must for the eye.

Concerning the multiplayer, this game scores a little better than its predecessor. As in any soccer title it’s PSP-owner against PSP-owner and if both of them are very good, you see a game can turn into a match on life or death.

FIFA Street 2 is a decent PSP game. It gives you the chance to create your team to your likings and with your players you can do some breathtaking tricks that result in fantastic-looking matches. The main downpoint are the controls which haven’t been done all too great and take a lot of time to get used to resulting in a high rate of boredom and irritation after a while. For the hardcore soccer fans, this is definitely a must have though but for the standard gamer it will probably ask a bit too much patience.

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