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Fifa Street 3

Sports are very varied and in our virtual world the amount of available products is more than sufficient. Still there are certain people who want to be a bit more original by stealing the show and do some fat tricks. Soccer fans that love this will no doubt have been playing Fifa Street and its successor to death and now a third part has arrived. The motto is still the same: hop hop, shoot and score!

It took some time before we got our hands on FIFA Street for the next-gen console and it came as a surprise that EA opted to give the game a cartoon style this time. This results in thin, long but especially flexible versions of well-known professional players. This doesn’t bother at all though, as it brings along an entirely different atmosphere which results in innovation. The surroundings on the other hand are quite realistic and look pretty good.

Fifa Street 3 doesn’t aim for “ego” as much as NBA Street Homecourt. Here you don’t have to play with a fixed team and there’s no leader either. As you progress in your career you can unlock more teams and each time you start an event you can swap with another one. This may seem unfortunate and… well, it is. There no longer a goal to play for except unlocking better teams and players. The addd disadvantage is that it becomes quite repetitive very quickly, although the fun factor remains quite high.

The tricks you can do are quite varied and large in numbers, but on the other hand they’re also quite monotone. If you want to play quickly that is, as the beautiful technical stuff needs to be done while standing still. If you play swiftle (which is most of the time necessary to score) you’ll usually just shoot the ball over your head hence and forth to then give a hard kick towards the goal. You can even hit so the ball so hard that you can score from the middle of the field. Also, if you want to play daredevil, you can even have your goalie forget about defense and let him run all over the field to score.

The so-called ‘gamebreakers’ are of course again present. This doesn’t add that much to the way you play though, but it does give you the possibility to double the force behind your kick. The surroundings also get a lot darker and the ball suddenly gets accompanied by a beautiful fluorescent line. The gamebreaker also influences the music and the objects that are present around the field. The containers on a ship will start moving, and their doors will open when a deep bass sounds. This brings quite some spectacle.

Once you’ve learnt to do all the tricks, can beat any cpu opponent, and are bored with the gamebreakers, you can invite a friend to come over or play online. In multiplayer you can choose all international or even non-existing teams to let someone bite dust and admire your great footwork.

Fifa Street 3 doesn’t differ so much from its predecessors, but it does look a lot more beautiful. However, as we’re used from most Street-games, this one also becomes quite repetitive after a short while.

Overall this game is something we would certainly suggest to check out for those that haven’t tried any previous titles in the series. Those having the previous titles may want to hold off a bit or rent it first

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