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Final Destination 2

Flight 180 exploded and the survivors who had stepped off the plane because of a preminition of one of them have all died mysteriously except for one: Clear Rivers. Exactly one year after the explosion, Kimberly (A.J. Cook) gets a gruesome preminition of a huge car accident where she, her friends and lots of other people will die. She’s so confused of what she has just seen that instead of continuing her way, she blocks the road, stopping all traffic that wants to go onto the highway. Seconds later, a huge crash happens and she almost still dies by a truck ramming her car, but luckily a cop managed to save her by pulling her away from the car just in time. After a short investigation where all parties involved get interrogated, everyone is allowed to go back home and the incident seems to be closed. Until the first of the survivors dies a couple of hours later, that is… It’s clear to Kimberly that death doesn’t like his plans to be interrupted and he will keep chasing them until each one of the survivors has received his/her destiny…Maybe the only remaining survivor of Flight 180 can help ?

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good. Except for some minor posterisation and a small lack of detail we can’t complain at all. Brightness, colors, …everything is very good and we can be happy to say that there’s no edge enhancement, grain or anything else that might disturb the viewing experience.

The soundtrack is really magnificent. The subwoofer really gets a lot of action while the surround channels aggressively show what they are made for as effects really tend to fly around your head. Especially the car crash is great, definitely a scene that you can use to show off your surround system to your friends.

Director David Ellis, producer Craig Perry and script writers Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber start off the extra’s in their audio commentary track after which you can check out a documentary called “Bits & Pieces: Bringing Death to Life ” which starts with an overview of the history of slasher movies to turn focus towards the special effects of Final Destination 2. Deleted/Alternate scenes are also present alongside two music video clips and some trailers. The second part of the extras is put under the name of “Beyond the movie” and don’t have anything directly to do with the movie but are rather interesting nonetheless. The Terror Gauge shows us a medical experiment that has been done with Final Destination 2 where the physical and psychological reactions of three people have been measured while watching the movie. Cheating Death: Beyond and Back has a couple of people talking about Near Death Experiences but you shouldn’t expect more than some rambling. No scientific stuff is told, only gossip and rumors. Choose your Fate is a small game (nothing really special) but to end the extra’s, you can choose “Fast Track” which is the same movie but with an english subtitle track which contains quite some background information on the film.

Final Destination 2 gives us more of the same as in the first movie but that doesn’t matter as the storyline with this type of movies is less important than the thrills and this is where FD2 excels! The special effects are great, the image and sound quality exemplary and the extras are enough to keep you occupied for a while. Surely a DVD to get if you don’t mind watching some gore 🙂

Our Score:

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