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Final Destination 3

Graduation day is near and the seniors are having fun at the local amusement park while Wendy is taking pictures for the yearbook. While she and her friends are waiting to enter the new rollercoaster ride, she gets a vision in which a terrible accident happens. She manages to get out along with a couple of others and when the ride starts seconds later despite her warnings the accident actually occurs. Shortly after the funeral of Wendy’s boyfriend who didn’t get out of the ride, Wendy starts looking at the pictures taken that day sees that they all have strange deformations. When little later two girls who also got out die, it becomes clear that death has a score to fill…

Sound and Vision:
The image has been enhanced and has a 2.40:1 aspect ratio instead of the original 2.35:1. Although compression errors and some grain are still present they never bother but what did bother were some interruptions that look like what you get with a badly placed layer change. All in all the image quality is decent but could have been better.

We get a 6.1 DTS ES along with a Dolby Digital 5.1 EX track (the latter needs to be manually set on your receiver) and this is very nicely used for the spreading of the effects. There’s plenty of bass coming from the subwoofer while the necessary scare-effects get perfectly positioned. Only minor downpoint is that the dialogues can be a bit numb at times which is strange seeing that there’s plenty of space available on the disc to enhance the bitrate and get rid of that problem.


Final Destination 3 is a fun movie but doesn’t manage to get to the level of the first two parts. Number one was original and had a good storyline, number two had great special effects and scare-moments (the mega car crash was fantastic!), and this number three lacks in all departments and only holds ground thanks to its funny death scenes. The acting is mediocre while characters and storyline are basic at best. The only good thing is the fact that some ideas to get people killed are pretty original (the killer tanning machine!). All in all a pretty standard teenage horror flic that’s good to rent sometime to pass a dreary Saturday.

Our Score:

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