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Final Destination

While waiting for lift off, Alex (Sawa) has a vision that the plane he and his classmates are using to go on a school trip to Paris will explode and everyone in it will die. Completely in panic, he gets off the plane together with a couple of his classmates and refuses to go back in. A couple of minutes later, they see the plane explode in the air. Their luck, however, doesn’t last for long as little later one of the other survivors dies mysteriously. One by one, all survivors get killed by strange accidents and Alex believes that it is death himself who tries to take back what is his: their lives. Alex now has to try to figure out how he and his friends can stay one step ahead of a certain death.

Sound and Vision:
We can say that RCV has delivered again a great transfer. The image is extremely sharp and there are hardly any compression errors. Grain or film spots are also not present, just like edge enhancement. Only minor downpoint is the fact that in occasional scenes the colors tend to flow through each other.

The surround channels and subwoofer are being used at full capacity and this gives an incredible experience when watching the movie. Really great !

We start off with audio commentary, deleted scenes, interviews with director, writer and producer but one of the most interesting extra’s is the feature “Premonitions” where we get to see a documentary about a paranormally gifted woman who helps the police in solving crimes. Last there’s two games on the dvd.

Final Destination is definitely a movie that you don’t want to watch right before stepping on a plane. It’s got a high Scream-value and is also positioned in the same range of movies but doesn’t necessarily need to be worse than the rest. In fact, it’s very enjoyable and the surprise-effects are really good ! The extras are decent but not really extraordinary interesting. The image & sound quality is almost perfect!

Our Score:

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