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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children SE

After Cloud and his companions have saved the world from Sephiroth, a strange disease has popped up. Everywhere people start getting “Geostigma” and once they do, they can be sure that the end is near. Cloud himself is also infected and if that isn’t enough, he also blames himself for the death of Aeris. This results in him living a rather solitary life. This gets disturbed when clones of Sephiroth go after the head of Jenoa which they consider their mother and want to take revenge on the world and destroy it. The only man that can stop this is Cloud but does he still have the power to do so with guilt tearing him apart?

Sound and Vision:
This animated movie looks really good although the overall look is a bit soft due to the styling of the image. Despite the high bitrate, some solarisation is present but grain is completely absent.

The soundtrack has a very good spreading with lots of effects, ambiance and atmosphere. The dialogues are very clear and understandable but do sound a bit dry.

– Reminiscence Of Final Fantasy VII: a look back at the Final Fantasy game that is the prelude to this movie combined with footage from both the movie and the game itself.
– Distance: The Making Of Advent Children: Making Of that includes interviews with the crew and is pretty decent and lacks the overall promotional feel you mostly get with such features.
– Deleted Scènes
– Venice Film Festival Footage
– Advent Childern Trailers
– Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Final Fantasy Games

The Final Fantasy series of games has a large amount of fans that will no doubt really have fun with this movie. On the other hand, the average viewer might be a bit disappointed as it lacks the typical manga atmosphere. Graphically, this movie is really impressive, but personally I found the storyline to be a bit thin. Yes, it’s pretty philosophical like most Japanese movies, but that shouldn’t hurt the story itself. Also, the comedy applied is a bit childish and probably won’t appeal to adults.

Technically, Final Fantasy: Advent Children is a very decent DVD and also the accompanying extras are of a level that’s better than usual

Our Score:

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