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Find me Guilty

After years of investigation, a major RICO case was started against twenty members of the New Jersey maffia. One of those was Jackie DiNorscio who decided to defend himself instead of hiring a lawyer to do his defense. After two years and tons of money, the longest trial in American history came to an end. A very surprising end…

Sound and Vision:
Universal delivers excellent image quality for Find me Guilty with good contrast, no compression errors, plenty of details and bright colors.

The sound comes even with a DTS track but this honestly doesn’t really get used to its full potential seeing that this movie is centered around dialogue.

Universal added a trailer, B-roll, a short featurette and a couple of interview fragments as extras to the movie. Unfortunately, it’s all a bit promotional and doesn’t really give much info on the creation of the movie. Only real thing you manage to find out is how stupid Vin Diesel is (or he’s a big fan of the maffia)

Find me Guilty is the latest movie by famous director Sidney Lumet but it really doesn’t shine. Vin Diesel does an excellent job in getting himself mis-cast, the atmosphere is quite dull and there’s little tension to be found anywhere. There’s a scene where Linus Roache (prosecutor Sean Kierney) yells “What is wrong with these people!” and that’s exactly what you’re wondering yourself while watching. DiNorscio is portrayed as some great guy who came up for himself and his friends by not ratting anyone out. What everyone in this movie seems to forget is that this guy is a mobster and murderer and all Find me Guilty does is make him an icon. Yea, let’s make sure nobody else gets remorse and decides to testify against criminal organisations. That seems to have been the purpose of Sidney Lumet when making this film and I doubt that’s something he should be proud of.

Universal packed the dvd with good image and sound quality but the extras are a bit disappointing, especially seeing that the feeling “what is wrong with these people” only gets enhanced by certain expressions from the leading cast. Anyway, if you’re looking for a mediocre courtroom drama and don’t mind the slow pace or the dull scenes in between the court appearances, you might enjoy this one.

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