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Finding Nemo

After a shark killed his wife and children, Marlin (Albert Brooks) remains alone with one of his offsping, Nemo (Alexander Gould). He decides to raise Nemo himself and has promised the little boy he’ll never have anyone hurt him which results in an overly protective youth. Years later, when Nemo is ready to go to school, Marlin takes him but still feels a bit scared that something might happen to the little boy who has one deformed fin. When Marlin finds out the teacher, Mr. Ray (Bob Peterson), will take his students to the rief next to the deep ocean, Marlin follows them to make sure nothing will come to Nemo but the little one gets so upset with the protectivity of his father that he swims too far away and gets captured by a diver.

Marlin is completely upset and starts following the diver’s boat to save Nemo but little later the boat has gone too far and Marlin doesn’t know where it went. Luckily he runs into Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) who appears to know where the boat went and together they start pursuit again… but little later Dory has forgotten what they’re doing. It seems her memory is a bit of a problem as she instantly forgets anything.

Meanwhile, Nemo has landed in an aquarium in Sydney where he meets several other fish that including Gill (Willem Dafoe), Bloat (Brad Garrett), Deb (Vicki Lewis), Jacques (Joe Ranft), Bubbles (Stephen Root), Gurgle (Austin Pendleton) and Peach (Allison Janney). Most of them come from the pet store except for Gil who also has been captured. Together with Nemo, Gil wants to try to escape and there’s little time as Nemo is supposed to become the birthday present of the diver’s niece who’s last fish didn’t even survive for 5 minutes in her hands. Meanwhile Dory and Marlin are swimming all over the ocean to find Nemo and rescue him.

Sound and Vision:
Vivid colors, good level of darkness, no compression errors, no grain, no nothing… if you’re looking for a perfect transfer then this is it !

The same goes for the DTS soundtrack which really shines in use of all channels, good low vibes and crystal clear dialogues. Really, if there is ever a dvd that can claim first price in technical qualities, Finding Nemo is it.

Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich and Bob Peterson provide us with a pretty interesting audio commentary track and you can’t get enough of the movie, you can sow in alternative or deleted scenes in the movie and even Behind-the-scenes footage can be added. Virtual Aquarium are the perfectly animated menu’s but without text and coupled with some moody music which transforms your tv to a living aquarium. Really great.

Most of the extras are of course located on the second disk and that contains the following :
– Explore the Reef: a documentary made by Jean-Micheal Cousteau who constantly gets interrupted in his explanations by some of the characters of the movie
– Knick Knack – Pixar Animated Short: the first short movie made by Pixar
– Fisherades: a game where you need to guess figures
– Mr. Ray’s Encyclopedia: Some explanation on different fish species that appear in the ocean
– Storytime: written story around the characters from the movie
– Behind the Scenes: thirty minutes of behind-the-scenes footage that gives some insight in the production process of the movie
– Galleries
– Tour around the studio
– Interview with the main characters
– Virtual Aquarium: same as on disk 1
– Trailers, posters, music videoclip from Robbie Williams

Great sound, great image, cool extras, … what do you want more ? You still need someone to convince you to get this dvd ? Well ? Get it !

Our Score:

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