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Firestarter 2: Rekindled

In 1984, a story written by Stephen King called “Firestarter” about a young girl who had tremendous powers as a result of a government experiment on her parents. Now, that girl, Charlie, has escaped the government and tries to find out all about the experiment, hoping that she will be able to create a “cure” which would take away her fire-creating powers and make her a normal woman again. Unfortunately for Charlie, a company that knows about the experiment and wants to continue with it is tracking down all survivors of the first experiment and kills them.

When Vincent Sforza, the guy that tracks people down for the company but thinks he’s doing it so they get a big fat check as a result of a class action suit, finds her and reports this to his boss he finds that not only his superiors have lied about what happens to the people he tracks but also that his own life is now in danger, together with that of Charlie’s. With Charlie, he will now have to make the decision to either go back to the company and finish the experiment and everyone that’s working on it – including the sociopath John Rainbird who was presumed dead after his confrontation with Charlie in the first movie – or again start running, trying to get away from the people chasing them.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is not bad, but the flashbacks tend to be unsharp at times. Colors are very natural and no real problems were found.

The sound doesn’t use the full potential of the surround channels and subwoofer, but since this is a TV movie one could have expected worse. Dialogues are well-positioned at the front and center speakers.


Firestarter 2 is a movie made for TV and to be honest: I hope both Dennis Hopper and Malcolm McDowell were payed royally for working on this film as at least they had a reason to make it. The storyline throws away about everything the first movie showed us, the storyline is very simplistic, and the fact that this girl who has awesome powers of destruction doesn’t dare to use them against a crippled sociopath who wants to kill her just makes things worse. To top everything, the “grand finale” is just plain hilarious as Charlie blows up half a town without any reason before she finally starts dealing with the hated Rainbird. Where’s the sense of reality ?

I wonder what Stephen King must have thought when he saw how his story got mutilated to produce this film monstrosity.

Our Score:

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