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Jack Stanfield is a highly placed security expert at a bank that’s in the middle of a merger. He’s very capable at his job and has set up all the systems that protect the bank from hackers, but the first meeting with his future new boss doesn’t go all too well so when his friend Harry tells him that a man called Cox is very interested in investing if they would set up an independent company, he agrees to a meeting. Things look very interesting but after the meeting, Bill Cox steps into Stanfield’s car and tells him he’s taken Jack’s family hostage and that if Jack doesn’t do as he’s told, they’ll be killed.

In a couple of hours, Jack will need to hack into his own system to rob 100 million from the bank. While being under constant monitoring from Cox and his gang, Jack starts to look for a way to save himself and his family…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains some compression errors and isn’t needlesharp. The contrast and level of black are pretty decent but the watching eye will spot some grain in the background. Still, the amount of detail is more than good enough to keep everything clear enough to follow the movie without any problems, even in the darker scenes.

The soundtrack has its emphasys on the front channels while the surround speakers are more used to give some spacial atmosphere to the music. as well as sounds from the surroundings. The subwoofer gets some action, but overall it really struck me that the overall volume is quite silent compared to other dvd’s. However, turning up the volume a bit does solve that problem 🙂

– Firewall Decoded: A Conversation with Harrison Ford and Richard Loncraine: the director and lead actor give some insight on the storyline as well as how they tried to make everything understandable to the larger audience (with all the technical terms)
– Firewall: Writing a Thriller: three minute interview with Joe Forte, writer of the story
– Theatrical Trailer

Firewall starts with a pretty decent idea and a cast that contains not only Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany but also other known actors like Robert Patrick (X-Files) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24). However, the whole thing quickly feels as a pretty standard thriller without any surprising plot twists and a bunch of side-steps that really don’t matter at all. In the end, Firewall is a mediocre thriller without anything that makes it stand out of the crowd. People who like this type of movies will have 101 minutes of entertainment when they rent it. I wouldn’t bother buying it as you’ll probably won’t bother to check it out for a second time.

The extras are scarse but the “Firewall Decoded” is pretty decent although I keep finding it funny to see how Hollywood tends to do stuff in movies that’s quite unbelieveable in the real world, but I guess they think it’s all possible.

On the technical side, Warner does the movie justice by delivering image and sound quality and completely suits the film: decent but nothing special.

Our Score:

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