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First Snow

Jimmy Stark is an overly confident (almost arrogant) sales man who is about to change his career from selling floors to having his own second hand jukebox company. One day, while on the road, his car breaks down and he’s forced to stay at a local station for a while. To pass the time he goes to see a fortune teller that’s working there, but after a couple of minutes, the man stops his story and gives Jimmy back his money.

At first, Jimmy isn’t all too impressed but when a couple of the things the man said happen, he decides to go back and get a decent explanation on what the man saw that made him stop. The answer, however, isn’t pleasant…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good on this DVD. We didn’t spot any compression errors and there’s plenty of detail as well as sharp images. Good stuff!

This movie again isn’t about full-blown action but rather about creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. Why Universal added a DTS track for this is beyond me, but hey we won’t complain. The track does what it needs to do so find for us!

– Trailer
– Interviews
– B-roll
– Featurette

To be honest, the featurette contains most of the stuff from the interviews added with some movie footage. Not really a decent Making Of and the “interviews” are therefore completely obsolete. I would strongly urge publishers to either add decent extras on their dvds or just leave them out altogether.

Guy Pierce is one of those actors that haven’t picked their movies too carefully and therefore haven’t received the career yet that they deserve. In L.A. Confidential the man was absolutely terrific, and in First Snow Pierce is back in full force. His character is in just about every shot and he manages to completely carry the movie without any problem. This is of course partially also because Mark “Children of Men” Fergus did the writing and directing.

First Snow is a film noir much in the style of such movies from the 40s and 50s but you won’t be bothered by that. From the first to the very last minute you’ll be watching, feeling that claustrophobic atmosphere, and waiting for the plot twists to happen. Don’t expect a lot of action, car chases or blown up buildings, but First Snow does manage to keep you hooked to your screen!

Our Score:

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