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Flash Complete Series, The

When Barry Allen, a police scientist, gets hit by lightning in his laboratory and gets sprayed with chemicals as a result, his body starts to change. He can suddenly do things at incredible speed but his new powers scare him. He goes to Star Labs where doctor Christine McGee promises to help him get rid of his new abilities but when his brother gets murdered by a gang of bikers, Barry quickly realises that he can use his new skills to do good and protect the people of Central City. The Flash is born…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is poor with too soft images, too dar contrast and lots of scenes that contain damage in the form of white of black dots. It’s clear that Warner didn’t do much to clean things up.

The soundtrack has clear dialogues but that’s about the only positive thing we can say about it as the effects sound like they were made in the 1970’s instead of 1990. One exception to that is the begin tune which reminds of Batman a bit.


Batman and Superman are without a doubt the most well-known comic superheroes that have ever come from DC Comics but there’s also another one that got some decent attantion over the years although not many people will know him: The Flash. Next to a couple of TV movies and a new film that’s under development, this superhero also got his own TV show in 1990 and that’s what Warner has now brought to us on DVD. Strangely enough, the series looks so old and has such over-aged comedy that it becomes fun again to watch. If you remember the Batman shows of the ’60s you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about. Watching those brings back a sense of nostalgia and you get a similar feeling with this series based on The Flash.

The sound is mediocre at best and the image quality is plain poor but everything is forgiven by the sheer nostalgic feelings that the series manages to bring up and also the fantastic atmosphere of Central City that gets perfectly portrayed. Fans of older superhero series will most certainly want to get this dvd and people that love nostalgia may want to check it out as well.

Our Score:

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