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Flight of the Intruder

During the Vietnam war, Frank Camparelli (Danny Glover) is a squad commander on an aircraft carrier. Grafton (Brad Johnson), one of his men, wants to go on a mission deep inside enemy territory but this gets blocked by his superiors. However, he doesn’t want to get no for an answer so he decides to go in anyway without permission. The only problem, however, is that he can’t do it on his own so he asks help from Cole (Willem Dafoe), an experienced navigator who has just joined the team.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is quite old but the image quality is still pretty decent. There are a couple of scenes where you can see that there was dirt on the film and the brightness could use some more light from time to time but nothing really bad. The level of detail isn’t what you could wish for but again I can’t say it’s below normal. Just your average dvd quality for an older movie. Only too bad that edge enhancement is present.

The soundtrack didn’t impress me. When checking out a movie with loads of airplanes you would think you would have them flying around your heads but don’t get your hopes up here: it’s rather quiet… Dialogues are decent though so saying the soundtrack is bad would not be giving it enough credit. The surround channels aswell as subwoofer are used but not aggressively enough.


An average movie with average sound and image quality. Nothing special and the fact there’s not even a trail as extra just stipulates this fact. Only for people who can’t get enough of Top Gun-like movies

Our Score:

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