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After the death of her husband, Kyle Pratt (Foster) decides to leave Berlin and head back to the US with her daughter Julia. Once the plane has lifted from the ground, both of them go to sleep but when Kyle wakes up, Julia is nowhere to be found. Kyle decides to ask help from the cabine crew and when the captain joins the party, it quickly becomes clear that Julia has disappeared from a plane in full flight. The captain starts checking things out and finds that there’s no proof that Julia ever boarded the plane. In fact, they even receive word that Julie has died together with her father! Has Julia lost her mind?

Sound and Vision:
The image is rather dark with a very blueish color to make the atmosphere a lot cooler. There’s some minor aliasing but not enough to bother you.

The soundtrack has some great effects and good use of all the available channels.

– The Making of Flightplan: documentary that is divided in 5 parts to cover the most important things of the movie.
– Cabin Pressure: Designing the Aalto E-474: 10 minute feature on the design of the set

Flightplan brings back Jody Foster in an action role and I must say I quite enjoyed it. The storyline is quite predictable and there’s nothing special but Foster does a good job in portraying the “crazy mom”. Don’t expect too much though as Flightplan doesn’t manage to rise above mediocricy but it does provide some brainless entertainment perfect for a quiet Saturday night although it does resemble a bit too much the first part of the movie “Red Eye”. This release adds 2 extras that are mildly interesting along with decent image and sound quality.

Our Score:

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