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From time to time there are games nobody wants to review. Of course there’s always someone who gets tricked into taking up this task and this time it was I who drew the shortest straw. There’s one big advantage with Flingsmash; it comes with a Wii Remote Plus. Yes, the newest controller for the Nintendo Wii in which the Wii Motion Plus is built in the Wii Remote. A much handier, more compact and precise controller than its predecessor. But let’s not dwell on that and go back to the game. Eventhough that may be a waste of time.

The story of Flingsmash is set on Suthon Island, a small island surrounded by blue ocean. It’s protected by a palm tree and ancient powers that can keep evil away. One day a big ugly sorceror called Ommimus arrives and he takes away those powers and tries to conquer the world. The palm tree shreds and the princess of the island falls in a deep sleep.

As we have a huge crisis, the king comes to the rescue. According to a legend there used to be problems on the island before and back then a hero collected pearls to restore peace. The hero was locked in a treasure chest and the pearls were again spread out until trouble would arrive again. The king found the chest and the hero could do his thing again. So far for the story in a simplistic way. We don’t need to spill more words about it.

The hero called Zip looks like a smiling tennis ball with hands, feet and a ridiculous red paintbrush on his head that’s supposed to portray his hair. Zip is accompanied in co-op by Pip (lots of thought went into that I imagine), a heroess of a nearby island. Together or alone you take on the fight with the dark Omminus.

The game is divided in different worlds that each have three levels, and one boss level. While playing you float around with Zip and/or Pip and need to break obstacles by waving the remote in all directions. Doesn’t matter how you swing as the accuracy of the game is zero. Why there’s a MotionPlus Remote included therefore remains a huge question as you won’t see any effect compared to the normal controller.

We can be short about the goal of the game: collect at least three medals in each level and that gives you a pearl. Three pearls are necessary to beat each world’s boss. Small detail, you are constantly chased by Hydracoil, a dragon-like ceature that eats you if you stand still for too long.

Artoon did try to bring some creativity to the game. In certain worlds your character for instance becomes extremely heavy making it harder to move. You can also unlock minigames when you score enough points in a world and for the rest there’s powerups, catapulting yourself with a cannon and the possibility to follow different routes through a level. You’ll also have to open doors and that’s done with… a key (duh!).

However, as I already said, Flingsmash certainly isn’t a game we would advise. Graphically it’s mediocre at best. The worlds look colorful but the Wii can do better. The only positive things we remember is the addition of the Wii Remote Plus (with protective cover). Still, it would have made more sense if it would work as it should in the game.

To be honest, I only played this game an hour and a half and then I was already fed up with it. I literally wasted time on a game that feels completely unnecessary and although I may be harsh, I really see little positive here except for the controller. If you look around you’ll notice that you’re actually paying for the controller and not the game, but even then I wouldn’t want to have it in my collection.

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