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Flyboys 2-Disc SE

1916. Officially, the United States aren’t involved in the first World War but a unit of American fighter pilots do volunteer to fight against the Germans in the air as the so-called Lafayette Squadron. One of them is Blaine Rawlings, a bum that’s got a problem with the military discipline and who manages to make name already on his first day by arriving in plain clothes instead of a uniform. Captain Thenault doesn’t have much choice though, as the average life expectancy of his pilots is about three to six months and every mission pilots don’t return from the combat field. It’s clear that the propaganda movies weren’t showing the harsh truth about the war but for Blaine one of the reasons to keep going is a local beauty called Lucienne.

Sound and Vision:
The dvd contains quite some compression errors like squares in action scenes, ghosting and even a black shadow of Jean Reno’s eyes. Also the image isn’t always as sharp as it could be. This certainly could have been better.

As usual DFW has included a DTS soundtrack which does its job nicely and puts you in the middle between the planes during the action scenes.

– The Death of Glory: two documentary pieces from The History Channel about World War 1.
For the rest we get promo trailers, liner notes, picture gallery, tv spots, film clips, promotional crew interviews and a b-roll disguised as a “behind-the-scenes”. The typical Dutch Filmworks stuff so to speak and really not comparable with what the region 1 version has to offer. I really start to wonder why DFW still hasn’t fired the guy responsible for the extras department of their dvds as their steelbook 2-disc versions are 99% of the time total crap except for the nice packaging.

Flyboys is “based on actual events” and the history of the real Lafayette Squadron. At least, that’s how the movie is promoted. Why we don’t get to see the names of the real pilots in this movie or why the characters aren’t based on them is on the other hand a mystery. Also Flyboys isn’t completely correct when it comes to the possibilities the planes from that era had as they manoeuvres we get to see would have made any plane in 1916 fall from the sky. Let’s count this as poetic liberty as otherwise we would irritate ourselves too much 🙂

This all leaves us with a pretty mediocre movie that doesn’t manage to get to the level of f.i. Pearl Harbour despite many similar elements being present (including the obligatory love story)

Our Score:

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