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Fog, The (2005)

Antonio Bay is a small town that is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary but as the town’s people are preparing for the celebration, out at sea, a small ship gets surrounded by fog. The next day, everyone on board is found back dead except for one guy that hid in the refrigerator and says that “The Fog” killed the other passengers. As the celebration gets nearer, it becomes clear that the fog that is coming up is more than just damp and that inside it, there’s something that’s come back from death to get revenge on the little town…

Sound and Vision:
Overall the image quality is very decent without too obvious compression errors but we do have to mention that in the (many) dark scenes, the amount of detail tends to lack a bit.

The sound is perfectly spread over the different channels creating a very good atmosphere that fits the movie perfectly.

– Audio commentary by director Rupert Wainwright
– Deleted scenes with optional commentary
– Without Conditions: The Remaking of a Horror Classic: this feature has the main crew talk about how the remake came to be made. Pretty interesting
– Seeing through The Fog: a rather promotional extra that doesn’t include much interesting info
– Feeling the Effects of The Fog: Feature on the special effects used in the movie, including the fog itself

After thousands of sequels, Hollywood has been turning its eye on remakes. First up were Japanese horror movies (The Grudge, The Ring, …) and lately we’ve been seeing remakes of classics like Amityville Horror, Day of the Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. John Carpenter’s The Fog is the latest movie to undergo this treatment and although the cult director was involved in the project, he didn’t direct it himself, that job was given to Rupert Wainwright who’s mostly known for Stigmata but also did video clips for MC Hammer (including “U Can’t Touch This”)

Was it a good choice to remake The Fog? Well, the original movie was a classic but as we stated in our dvd review of the original, the storyline isn’t as “scary” anymore as it used to be.

The new Fog has an altered storyline that updates the movie a bit more to modern day, but overall the lack of tension remains and no special effects can overcome that, sadly enough, eventhough the cast including Selma Blair (Hellboy, Cruel Intentions) and Tom Welling (Smallville) does a decent job. Also the fact that there are several inconsistensies in the story doesn’t really help of course.

On the technical part Sony did a good job with decent image & sound and some additional extras that – although mostly quite promotional – do give some interesting info on the production

Our Score:

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