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Fog, The SE

April 21st, 1980. Antonio Bay exists for 100 years and the people are preparing themselves for a celebration party when Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau) from her radio station sees a fog coming up strongly. Between then and 1 o’clock, suddenly several strange things happen; cars start honking while no-one is around, electricity acts weird, a ship out on the sea gets missing and father Malone (Hal Holbrook) finds his grandfather’s diary wherein is described how a ship called the Elizabeth Dane had sunk before the shore 100 years ago because several villagers didn’t want Captain Blake and his crew coming over and form a community of lepards. The next day a search party finds back the missing ship with the crew being missing except for one who’s dead. While some start investigating what may be happening, most people are continuing preparations for the big unveiling of a statue. The next evening, the fog comes back and Stevie again notices that it acts strange and while she tries to warn the villagers to watch out, it becomes clear that there’s something in the fog that’s all but good…

Sound and Vision:
The image looks dated and it’s clear this movie is from the 80’s. Image compression errors are absent but there is a continuous amount of grain present. Also some minor damage is viewable aswell. Overall the colors are bright, there’s good contrast and solid level of black. A good transfer considering the age of the movie.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is a remix of the original 1.0 sound and is pretty decent with clear dialogues and reasonable dynamics. The rear channels are subtle used in split-surround while the subwoofer gets some action but doesn’t really need to stretch itself.

Disc one has an audio commentary track by John Carpenter and producer Debra Hill.
Disc 2:
– Tales From The Mist: a 2002 video that was made for the American special edition release with information on the whole production and interviews with John Carpenter, producer Debra Hill, photographer Dean Cundey, production designer/location manager Tommy Lee Wallace aswell as Janet Leigh and Adrienne Barbeau.
– Original 1980 Documentary: standard promo making of with behind-the-scenes footage
– Storyboard To Film Comparison: a comparison between storyboads and film for the “Fog Attacks The Boat” scene
– Outtakes: bloopers
– Trailers & Teasers:
– Theatrical Trailer
– 2 Teasers
– 3 TV-Spots
– Photo Gallery: 78 pictures

The Fog is a classic from John Carpenter and this release is the best that has been made yet for this movie. A must have of all lovers of the genre although most people these days will not find things so scary as we did back in the days when this movie got released.

Our Score:

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